Summer Comes to a Close

I took a trip Sunday with my wife and my son to Southern Vermont to visit my mother. The route from Rutland to Vernon takes me over the spine of the Green Mountains. I refer to this time of the year as stick and twig season. While there are still some small pockets of color left over from autumn, for the most part, the forest floor is now littered with leaves leaving just the bare trees dotting our landscape

I’m always amazed how quickly the seasons change in Vermont.  Just a few short months ago the mountains were filled with the lush green color that our state is named for. Now we are awaiting the first winter storm that will blanket the area in a soft but cold layer of snow. Winters in Vermont can be long and cold and for many photographers, they are a time to hibernate.

For me winter is a magical season that allows me to capture another side of Vermont that many Vermonters take for granted (and many others despise).I’m looking forward to another winter in Vermont, another winter outside, camera in hand capturing the ever-changing landscape, that many people don’t have the opportunity to experience.

As we move from fall to winter I’d like to share one last photo from this summer to help those who hibernate get through the cold winter months. This was taken on a beautiful July morning just after sunrise in the heart of the Green Mountains.

Break in the Clouds

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