Boneyard Beach

A little while back my wife and I took our son to Disney World for our family vacation. He loved it!! He had a 24/7 smile the whole time we were there. As a father, I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.

As a landscape photographer, I also wanted to explore Florida’s coastal landscape. Since we were driving, I thought it would be nice to stop on the way home and do a little work. After a few hours of keyword searching on Google, I came across a photo titled “Boneyard Beach”. How could I resist clicking on the link?  I was pleased to find some amazing images of a beach north of Jacksonville that was littered with dead wood. Since we were planning on stopping outside of Jacksonville for a night this worked out perfectly.

Fallen trees along "Boneyard Beach" on Florida's  Atlantic coast.
Fallen trees along “Boneyard Beach” on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

This was an incredible find! The beach is part of  Big Talbot Island State Park just northeast of Jacksonville.  There was such an amazing contrast between the deadwood and the sand and surf. The island is part of Florida’s barrier islands and this particular stretch of beach is constantly being eroded by the surf, causing the trees to break free and fall onto the beach. Stepping on the beach all you could see was deadwood from one end to the other. Having just a short time before the sunset and the time the park was set to close, I quickly got to work exploring the beach. I can say for certain that I was just like a kid in a candy store as I worked the scene looking for creative compositions.

Dead wood from a fallen tree off the coast of Florida.
Dead wood from a fallen tree off the coast of Florida.

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