Gentleman’s Farm

Looking for a small change of scenery, I took my camera for an early morning drive over to Woodstock and then into Pomfret. I’ve known about this barn for some time but hadn’t taken the time to go and explore the location before now. I’m very happy that I made the trip. It was foggy for most of the ride over, so I was going over in my mind what my plan was going to be when I arrived; thinking of how the fog was going to impact the light and the type of mood it would create. Shortly after starting the drive up Cloudland Road the fog began to dissipate and I could quickly see that I was going to be greeted with a very bright sunrise. Not quite what I was prepping for on the drive over, but a gorgeous sunrise nevertheless. I spent a little time looking over the location and formulating a couple of possible spots to shoot from. The one that really spoke to me was the one that is pictured below. I was drawn in by the leading lines of the driveway and how they pull your eyes straight to the barn. The backlit leaves helped create a great foreground frame. I call this Gentleman’s Farm as I don’t think this is a working farm any longer.

Morning Glow
Sunrise on a small farm in Pomfret.

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