The Lobsterman’s Skiff

A skiff is basically a small row boat that is used to get from the beach to the lobster boat and is usually powered manually. This image is from a recent trip to the coast of Maine; which is one of my favorite coastal spots to visit. The diversity of the jagged rocky coastline, sandy beaches, and quaint harbors makes for a photographer’s paradise.

Looking from the outside in, being the captain of a small lobster boat could be seen as a very romantic life. Just you, one other person, and the sea. But I think the reality is far from the romantic image. On this particular morning the fog had set in overnight and at best clear visibility was down to about 20 yards (think the red zone in football). Now I know that most of these boats have GPS, but still heading out at 5 in the morning in this type of weather has got to add some anxiety to the day. I look at lobstering in Maine much in the same way as I look at farming in Vermont, in that it is extremely hard work and very dependent on mother nature for success. I had the opportunity to chat with some of the captains as they were getting ready to row out to their boats.  They all looked bone-tired and the day hadn’t even begun.

Foggy morning on Pine Point.
Foggy morning on Pine Point.

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